Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play? First, grab the app on iOS. (Android users, your app is coming soon!) After downloading and registering, find the contest that is perfect for you in our Lobby. We've got fun trivia contests across a variety of topics and price points.

Once you're in the game, it couldn't be simpler. It's trivia! Answer the questions right, climb the leaderboard, and rake in the cash.

Do you offer free contests? Feel the need to try before you buy? We will occasionally run contests at no cost, and our on-demand Practice section is always free.

What if I miss a contest? Unfortunately, if you sign up for a contest, we cannot refund you if you miss it. Make sure you enable notifications so you don't miss it!

Are there any requirements to play? Yes. You must be 18 years old, in the US, and physically located in an approved state. Please click here to see the list of restricted states.

Why do you require my identification? This is a regulatory requirement -- but it's also there to keep the gameplay fun and safe. We need to make sure everyone is who they say they are in order to prevent fraud on the platform, but we also use that information to get you your winnings as fast as possible.

How do I know the game is fair? We go above and beyond what is required of us to make sure that the game is fun, fair, and safe.

First, no employees, writers, or contractors, nor anyone related to one can play.

Second, all of our content is written in-house by experts in that field. That written content is then edited and double-checked for accuracy. No question is ever repeated.

Last but not least, access to the content is heavily restricted, and audited quarterly both internally and externally.

Can I Google the questions? Maybe, but it won't help. First, the questions are written in a specific way to not be searchable, and second, because you get more points for answering faster, the time it will take you to Google it will not make it worth your while.

What do the different game types mean? We currently offer three types of contests:

  • Tournaments: the most common type, these are contests that offer a big prize to the winner, but also lots of winnings to players who perform well
  • Winner-take-all: exactly what it says, the winner takes home a huge prize
  • 50/50: finish in the top half to win

My question isn't on here. Who do I direct it to instead? No worries at all! You can contact us here, and we will try to get back in you in a day or less.

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