About BigBrain

Play Trivia. Win money. Trivia is awesome. Whether it's in your favorite bar, watching "Jeopardy!" or trying to stump your friends, it's one of the most universally great things in life. But you know what's even better? Winning loads of money playing trivia!

That's where we come in. We know that you've got a ton of things that you geek out over. Sports, maybe? How about Music? Or Sci-Fi? Whatever it is, we've got a contest for it -- and a chance to not only prove to everyone that you're the top dog, but also take home a big payday with it.

It couldn't be simpler. Every 15 minutes a new contest starts, across a variety of topics; it could State Capitals, or Comedians, or 90s Movies, or even Beer. Once you're in, it's twelve questions, and it's all played LIVE against players all around the country. Be quick, be correct, climb the leaderboard and take home the cash!

Yeah, yeah, cool. Who are you though? We're a team of nerds spread all over the country, although our HQ is nominally in Brooklyn, NY. (Psst. We're hiring.) We founded the company in 2019, and rounded up some first-class investors to help us bring our vision to life.

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